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Lovea Nature pledges …

… to offer formulated with a minimum 95% natural ingredients.

… to select ingredients with guenine beneficial properties, recognised for millennia such as Monoi, Shea, Argan and Clay.

… to offer delicious and efficient products accessible ro all, so that we no longer need to choose between efficiency and pleasure.

… and offer quality products for the whole family.

Lovea Nature pledges…

… make its products with organic certification from Ecocert and the Cosmébio Label, all our Lovea Bio beauty products are over 98% natural origin, paraben free, dye free, silicone free, phenoxyethanol free, PEG free and free of artificial fragrances.

The label Bio Natural and Organic Cosmetic warrants :

- 95% of the ingredients in the finished product are natural or of natural origin
- 10% of the total amount of plant ingredients are of certified organic origin

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